18 May 2022

Editor’s Notes

  • Don’t miss our holiday guide and writing contest
    I’ve been shunted to page 4 this week, so I’ve not got much space (hooray, I hear you cry!), so I’ll just draw your attention to a couple of things worth mentioning. In the middle of your paper, with any luck, you’ll find our 2022 Holiday Guide, which is packed with ideas on what to […]
  • It’s good to be back
    At last, I’m back in the office. While sitting on the settee with a laptop and a cat is quite nice, it really does make things a bit easier actually being face to face with colleagues, and consequently the paper went off yesterday in good time without the printers ringing up and politely shouting at […]
  • Covid 1 – Sam 0
    WELL, it got me in the end. As I write this, I’m on my settee at home, battling to get everything done in time for the deadline, having tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday morning. It seems as though the virus is finally picking off those of us who had managed to avoid it for […]
  • Thank you for your generosity – it’s amazing
    I know I said it last week, but the response from our readers to the Ukraine crisis never fails to be amaze and humble. I wasn’t sure what response I’d get after putting it out in the paper and on social media that we’d be happy to take donations at our Withernsea office… and to […]
  • Mixed emotions as Ukraine crisis deepens
    I’m short on space this week, so I’ll leave you with a few brief thoughts on the local response to the Ukraine crisis. I have conflicting emotions, like many others, I’m sure, because the humanitarian disaster and unspeakable brutality of what’s going on in Ukraine is too awful for words. I know I should turn […]
  • Events like these restore faith in humanity
    The Gazette tends to be seen as a hyperlocal paper full of stories about tabletop sales and town council meetings – and that’s what it is, in the main. It might not be the most earth-shattering of news, but these things matter to people; they’re the events that make our little world go around. But […]
  • Thanks but no thanks, Eunice…
    At about 4pm on Friday, February 18, the phone rang. Like thousands of people around the country, I’d been watching the overnight phenomenon that was Big Jet TV on YouTube, both amused and obsessed by aviation enthusiast Jerry Dyer’s commentary as hugely skilled pilots attempted to land planes in 80mph winds at Heathrow. “Bosh!” he’d […]
  • I’ve been a bit under the weather
    This week’s column is brought to you by hot toddies and paracetamol. For the first time in what seems like ages, I’ve felt really under the weather this past few days, so I apologise in advance if anything in this paper is more skewwhiff than it usually is… It wasn’t Covid, though. And in a […]
  • Another race to the finish…
    Every week when I write this at five minutes to midnight (well, 3pm, which is our official print deadline on a Thursday) I’m pleasantly surprised that we’ve got there yet again, as it’s always a race to the finish. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking all in one… and you may or may not know that I’m […]
  • Flashback to a holiday before the world went mad…
    It’s only February, and I don’t know about you, but I already feel like I need a holiday! It’s very nearly two years since we went on our last break abroad, to Tenerife, for a welcome week in the sun. As I remember it, the coronavirus was most definitely a thing in early February 2020, […]
  • January is surely the cruellest month
    Finally, we’re heading out of January. I’m not quite sure what the poet TS Eliot was on about when he said April was the cruellest month. January is grim, it’s cold, your money’s run out, there’s hardly anything going on… give me the green shoots and warmer sunshine – and, yes, even the showers – […]
  • A landmark day for Tigers fans
    I WROTE this on what was a momentous day for Hull City fans. We went to press just as it was at last officially confirmed that the 11-year reign of the Allams was over. Honestly, as I wrote on Twitter that morning, I’ve not been this excited since the first bin day after Christmas. And […]
  • The virus strikes again…
    Covid has hit the Gazette office again this week. This time, Debra has come down with it – she’s a bit under the weather but on the mend, thankfully. All of us here wish her well and hope she’s back with us soon! Zoe, who, as I’m sure you know, spent 10 days in hospital […]
  • No more lounging on the settee… it’s back to work
    I said it last week, so I’ll say it again – happy new year! It doesn’t seem five minutes since I was sitting here writing these notes, and indeed we did go to press a day late last week owing to the Christmas break. But all’s back to normal now. Alas, no more lounging on […]