16 June 2024

Four-four crew!

I hope you had a good Easter!

I’m really sorry to bang on about football again, but seeing as my long weekend was bookended by two Hull City matches – the first being one of the most bonkers away days I’ve ever been on – I feel duty-bound to recount the experience.

I set off on Tiger Travel with my Gazette colleague Zoe, and her husband and son, having first enjoyed a few light refreshments in the city centre. Zoe was the designated responsible adult for some of the Withernsea AFC lads on Coach 24, but I began to doubt the wisdom of that when it became clear that we were the very last people to board the very last bus, five minutes before the scheduled departure. You may call it cutting it fine, I would call it impeccable timing…

The bus crawled along the A1, and we at last arrived at the ground about 40 minutes before kick-off, enough time to be herded through the uber-heavy security (I think it’d have been easier to gain entry to the Kremlin) and sling down another couple of terrible gassy lagers.

I usually remember an away day – the travel, the friends, the laughs, etc – far better than the eventual scoreline, but I think the 4-4 draw and last-gasp penalty drama will live long in my memory. And the impressive bruise on my leg, from leaping over the seat in front of me when Ozan Tufan buried his spot-kick, has yet to fade, too. PC Darren Kirkwood captured a great video of the away fans going nuts at that particular point, and let’s just say that I can spot which one I am…

The booze and the excitement was all a bit much in the end, and Zoe will confirm that I felt a little, er, off-colour on the bus home (motion sickness, obviously), but it was a small price to pay for a great day out.