30 May 2024

Has Coronation fever gripped the nation?

So, will you be watching the Coronation?

I ask because it seems fair to say that Royal fever hasn’t quite gripped the nation in the same way as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022, or the funeral for her late Majesty last autumn.

The mood does seem to have changed, as many predicted on the death of the Queen, and people are now quite divided on the merits or otherwise of the monarchy.

Despite considerable PR efforts in recent years, as Bill Jardine points out this week (page 10), Charles and Camilla will always be disliked (or worse) in some quarters for what happened in the Diana years.

And the cost-of-living crisis has undoubtedly thrown a sharp focus on the idea of splashing out an immense amount of money on a lavish ceremony for one of the world’s richest men while ordinary people struggle to afford to heat and eat.

However, some would say that it’s not the monarchy’s responsibility to solve these problems, and I think I would agree – the blame for the current situation should lie squarely at the government of the day, but still, I can understand why a sizeable chunk of the population might not be tuning in on Saturday.

There is another argument, though, that national celebrations such as these bring people together and actually boost spirits, and you’d have to be fairly churlish to begrudge people a bit of bunting and family fun on the village green. Any excuse for a celebration, eh!

So this week we’ve brought together a few highlights of events going on in Hornsea, Withernsea, Hedon and elsewhere, and featured a few of local crafters’ best efforts to brighten up their areas with regally themed creations.

As ever, do send us your pictures – we’d love to see them!

And just a reminder, if you are reading this on publication day, Thursday, May 4 – it’s polling day, so please use your vote, and don’t forget to bring your photo ID with you. We’ll report on the results next week.