14 April 2024

A walk on the wild side…

Of late, I have been sticking to my plan to go for regular walks.

Some might think I’ve taken a bang to the head as I’ve been getting up super-early to go on a three-mile route before work – and those who know me know that mornings have never really been my thing.

However, whisper it quietly, but I am beginning to be persuaded. At 7am, there is hardly a soul to be seen, and as I ascend the modest incline on my way to Kelsey Gardens and look down on the vista beyond, across to Keyingham in the distance, it can feel like I’m the only person in the world and the wonderful landscape of Holderness belongs to me alone.

One morning I even got up in time to see the sun rising, and I took my “big” camera and tripod to capture the moment. It was both moving and exhilarating.

Then I’ll head to the lake and just sit and look at it for a few minutes, watching the multitude of bird life there, including the serene pair of swans, the great crested grebe, the herons, coots, ducks and more. As ways to start the day, it takes some beating.

Apologies to the man and his two lovely collie dogs whom I encountered the other morning – it was nice chatting, but at that time of the day I struggle to keep up a conversation, I must admit, which was why I bade you farewell and strode on my way to be alone with my thoughts. And the fact you were wearing a Leeds United hat was also somewhat disturbing…