22 May 2024

Weekend brake

Please allow me to talk about football (again), very briefly.

Reason being is I am inordinately excited about making the trip down to Plymouth at the weekend with the faint hope that miracles do happen, and that Hull City will somehow finish in the top six.

Even if they don’t, it promises to be a fun conclusion to what has been a bit of a rollercoaster season, and at the very least I’ll get to see a town I’ve not been to before.

I’ve just had the brakes on my ancient chariot fixed – I’m very sorry that it spent its 20th birthday (so says the registration document) alone, sitting at the garage in Waxholme in the cold and wet.

However, by happy coincidence it was Him Indoors’s birthday the same day, so we went for a meal to celebrate that instead.

The brakes on the chariot (a battered Skoda Octavia that is fast gaining legendary status for its seemingly bulletproof nature and the fact it’s nearing 300,000 miles on the clock) all but gave out on me when I was in Hull the other day, so I was a bit worried that they’d fail completely on the drive to the garage.

“I hope I get to Withernsea OK,” I said to Him Indoors.

“It’s not getting there you want to be worried about – it’s stopping,” he replied… I’m glad to say I was able to stop without heading straight into the North Sea, and the trusty motor has been repaired just in time for that mammoth drive to Devon.

Sticking with football (sort of), I must also point out that the headline on Page 6 was deliberately written by Tim Nuttall to “trigger me” – and it succeeded. But I’m letting him off as his story is heartwarming and inspiring.

And… full disclosure: I am one of the dancers in the story on page 11. It was a very interesting evening and I learned a little about the Masonic movement – its history and charitable endeavours – even if I confess I don’t fully understand all of it.

They were all very kind, the meal was delicious, and I was delighted to be presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for both organising the entertainment and almost always managing to accommodate John Ledger’s last-minute requests to include Probus Club news in the Gazette…