30 May 2024

Sigglesthorne caught in the eye of the storm

by Ian Judson

The village of Sigglesthorne bore the brunt of a violent storm last Saturday night as the rain caused flash flooding and trees were knocked down by strong winds.

One resident said: “Our parasol has been blown away, we’ve lost the roof of the gazebo in the back garden and it was partly flooded as well. We’ve never known anything like it.”

A number of trees were blown over, including one that blocked the road outside St Lawrence Church and another on Great Hatfield Road.

Several cars were stopped by debris from fallen trees in West Road, until most of the passengers on a bus got off to remove branches from the road so they could continue their journeys.

One man who was visiting his sister at the time came out with a chainsaw to start chopping wood up.

He said: “It can go in the wood-burning stove – at least it gets it out the way.”

East Riding of Council sent out its arboriculture services to remove the trees from the roads as soon as possible.

Much of the village was left without power for several hours.

Local councillor Barbara Jefferson said: “I am very sorry for my residents who suffered such damage and devastation during the storm on Saturday night.

“I was in contact with East Riding Council, who attended Sigglesthorne to do their very best during the terrible weather.

“I was also in contact with the fire service and police who were also very supportive and acted swiftly.

“I arranged with a director that the debris would be removed as quickly as possible and to help everyone as much as needed.

“I visited Sigglesthorne on Monday morning and spoke with residents who told me how everyone in the village pulled together and supported each other. Thank you to all concerned.”