22 May 2024

Plea over stolen gazebos

By Rebecca Hannant

Members of Elstronwick and Danthorpe Playing Field are appealing for help after their gazebos were stolen after an event.

The group had purchased two £400 gazebos to help them in their fundraising events for new equipment.

On Saturday, June 18, they ran a pizza night on the field, with a pizza van and about 50 people in attendance. Because of heavy rain later in the evening, the gazebos were too wet to be taken down, so group left them in the park overnight. When they went back to collect them at 9am the next morning, they found that both gazebos had been stolen.

The group are now appealing for any information leading to their return.

Tracy Donoghue, spokeswoman for Elstronwick and Danthorpe Playing Field, said: “We are not having much luck as we also have a marquee that we use for events, and this was damaged at the Jubilee weekend by the heavy rain.

“We now have no marquee or gazebos. We try to do fundraising events throughout the year, but we haven’t been able to do many over the last couple of years due to Covid. This is going to be even harder now as we have no shelter that we can use.”

A spokesman for Humberside Police said: “We were called with reports that a gazebo and other items had been stolen from a field in Elstronwick overnight between Saturday, June 18, and Sunday, June 19. Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call our non-emergency 101 line quoting crime reference 22*22352 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”