19 April 2024

More sparkle, less bang!

The organisers of Hornsea Carnival will once again stage their annual fireworks night next month – and they say they will be as spectacular as ever, but with far less noise.

As has become popular tradition, the event in Hall Garth Park on Saturday, November 4, will feature live entertainment including the band Smooth Operator and there will also be a mini festival of food and drink with traders selling a wide range of gifts, sweets and chocolate, beauty items and more.

Hornsea Carnival chairman Iain Poole said: “Last year’s turnout was amazing – as a team we were blown away. We had such an outpouring of support from the community. Considering this was a new location, we did have a lot of trepidation with how it would be received, so when we had more than 1,500 people turning out to see the event, and support Hornsea Carnival, it gave the team a warm, fuzzy feeling! We hope to smash this number this year with even more people attending this truly brilliant free event.”

This year the carnival team will bring a range of new ideas to the event including a change in the type of fireworks used. Previously, the event used loud fireworks, but this year they will be using “low-yield” fireworks provided by display company Eastern Pyro.

Iain added: “We have a lot of people who have pets and don’t like fireworks, which is completely fine, but we have people who do – so what we have done as a team and an event is what we always do, is to try to reach a compromise, and the compromise is low-yield fireworks, so we get more flash and sparkle and less bang.”

The event will start at 3pm with the fireworks display starting at 8pm.

The event will also be supported by a range of volunteers who will be around the park helping out and raising money.

Iain said: “As a group we have an enormous sense of pride to continue with the town’s only free public display. People may not realise but it relies on some dedicated people to give up their time and raise the funds to make it happen.

“It is an honour and a privilege that the current committee follows in the footsteps of previous committees in this long-standing tradition that I can remember going to as a young lad more than 20 years ago. Granted, the venue may have changed over the years but what goes into this event hasn’t and the team will keep on pushing to make sure it continues for years to come.”

The team is looking for volunteers to carry collection buckets. Anyone who wants to help can contact the organisers via Facebook or email [email protected].

Iain added: “This event along with the other events Hornsea Carnival arranges are fundraisers. While this is a free event it is not free to put on – it requires the team to raise the funds, and this year the cost was around £3,500.

“We will have the team out with buckets on the evening, in Hornsea Carnival hi-vis, and as always we can take digital donations – just head to our website, click on the ‘support us’ tab and then ‘Donations’ and give what you can. Our team will have QR codes to allow you to use your phone to donate.”

For more information, visit hornseacarnival.org.uk or follow Hornsea Carnival on Facebook.