21 June 2024

Make new friends and share interests at the Probus Club

Following three years of disruption caused by the Covid pandemic, the Albemarle Probus Club is looking to recruit new male members once again.

The club meets at the Camerton in Thorngumbald on the first and third Monday mornings each month. The first Monday is a coffee morning with a presentation by one of its members or an external speaker.

The subject for each presentation is drawn from a broad range of topics within the speakers’ experience or interest. On the third Monday, members meet to have a convivial lunch together.

The Probus Club movement was formed in this country in 1965. The name was suggested by a founder member who took the first three letters from “professional and business”. Probus is also a Latin word meaning honest or virtuous, from which the English word “probity” is derived. The Probus organisation

is a loose association of autonomous local, national and international groups of retired people who regularly meet together with a non- political, non-sectarian, non- profit-making agenda.

These clubs provide opportunities for people in similar circumstances, to meet, share interests, make new friends and expand their horizons. Probus clubs can be made up of men, women or mixed-gender groups.

Locally there is also a women’s Probus group that meets in Hedon. The spouses and widows of members are also encouraged to take part and benefit from the social events organised by Probus.

The catchment area for Albemarle Probus Club is Hedon, Bilton, Preston, Thorngumbald and all the other South Holderness villages up to and including the town of Withernsea. If you would like to find out more, please ring the membership secretary, John, on 01482 897143 or 07979 804999.