16 April 2024

Woodland group marks decade of planting trees

Roos Woodland Group has celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The group started in 2012, when a Roos resident suggested that the village came together and bid for the Roos Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund, which included a strand for environmental improvement.

The group has since gone from strength to strength, improving the greenery in the area and creating a lasting environmental impact.

They have planted several miles of hedges around the village, as well as two areas with apple and pear trees that are now bearing fruit for all to gather.

The group also helped Roos All Saints’ Church with a survey of its trees and woodland, replacing several trees and planting new boundary hedges.

They have also helped people boost their gardening skills, educating them about the safe use of pesticides, use of equipment, first aid, fruit tree pruning and the grafting of new trees.

Madge Moore, the chairman of Roos Woodland Group, said: “This has benefited the Roos community, visitors to the area and of course the wildlife in the parish. Over the years we have worked with several of the local farmers to help plant woodland and hedges. We have helped the Tunstall Community Garden to get a facelift and have helped Roos School with their early years healthy eating programme by supplying them with apples.

“From our efforts, the plantings we did in the early years of the group are now maturing and needing less looking after. The village is now a far more picturesque place with the new tree planting. We also have a much wider range of volunteers coming to help us.”

The group will now look to plant more trees in the surrounding area, and hope to obtain a piece of land that can contribute towards a larger community orchard. Anyone can join the group and do as much or as little as they please. Several times throughout the year, the members prune hedges and tidy up areas, and plant bulbs and new trees.

The group also collect apples for their popular Roos Juice and hold social events in the village for anyone to attend.

To get involved, contact them via their Facebook group at Roos Woodland Group or by contacting Madge Moore on 07951 153238.