22 May 2024

Lung checks ‘are a potentially lifesaving opportunity’

Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart has welcomed the creation of more lung health checks in Withernsea.

Over the past month, more than 3,000 people from the Withernsea area have been invited to attend a check. From November, former and current smokers aged 55 to 74 living in the town will receive a telephone assessment and then, if necessary, a low-dose CT scan on board a hi-tech mobile unit based at Withernsea Leisure Centre.

Patients in South East Holderness are more likely to die from cancer than the average person in the UK. Mr Stuart said this was why he was very supportive of this initiative when he visited Withernsea Community Hospital as it is through early diagnosis that many lives can be saved.

It forms part of the NHS’s lung health check service, which is helping to save lives across the UK through earlier diagnosis of lung cancer and other conditions. About 40,000 people will be invited for a check across the East Riding over the coming months and eligible patients will be invited through their GP practice.

Dr Stuart Baugh, programme director for the NHS targeted lung health check programme in Humber and North Yorkshire, said: “The lung health check service is a vital step towards better outcomes for people at highest risk of respiratory diseases.

“Not only does it provide most people with reassurance that their lungs are currently healthy, it also helps to detect any lung conditions early.

“I hope to see as many people take up this potentially lifesaving opportunity as possible.”

South East Holderness ward councillor Lyn Healing said: “Our visit to Withernsea Community Hospital was interesting. We welcomed the lung health check that will be available to people and is due to start next month, which will find serious lung illnesses early.”

Mr Stuart said: “Early diagnosis is vital to saving lives and we need more of it.

“That’s why I am so pleased that these checks are coming to the town centre to make it as easy as possible to make sure there isn’t a bigger problem further down the line.

“I will continue to work with Holderness Health and local NHS providers to make sure people across Withernsea are receiving the high-quality healthcare they deserve.”