22 May 2024

Entrepreneurs deliver business masterclass

by Rebecca Hannant

Year nine students at Holderness Academy have been given a business masterclass from entrepreneurial organisation For Entrepreneurs Only.

The visit on Thursday, October 19, started with a talk from a host of local entrepreneurs – Angela Oldroyd from the Promotion Company, Mark Titcombe from Holler Marketing and Claire Artley from HEKU.

The students then came up with their own ideas where they implemented what they had learnt before presenting to the year group and the entrepreneurs.

FEO events coordinator April Madden said: “FEO is a community interest company. We are a bunch of local entrepreneurs whose aim is to grow the local economy.

“My role is to get local entrepreneurs to come into schools and put on a masterclass day. It is kind of like Dragon’s Den. We have more than 200 entrepreneurs who volunteer their time, which is amazing.

“At the beginning of the day, they are given a talk on money, marketing, people and attitude. After the talks they must implement all they have learnt into their business idea.

“By the end of the day, they should have a business idea, they should know how much they will charge for their product, how it will be marketed, and who will be assigned which role.

“Then they have to pitch it and then there is a winner at the end.”