20 June 2024

Hedon speed limit debate: is 20 plenty?

by Ray Duffill

A discussion at Hedon Town Council last week is sure to encourage a wider debate about speeding traffic problems and possible solutions.

Speed limits in the town centre, particularly the 20mph limit on Souttergate, were debated by the finance and general purposes committee last Thursday (September 29).

The wisdom of implementing the 20mph speed limit was generally accepted by councillors, as it reduces the risk of accidents, as well as pollution and noise. But enforcement remains a problem, so the town council has agreed to seek advice on this from East Riding Council, as well as whether a 20mph limit would be appropriate across the town.

There is a perception, repeated by some councillors at the meeting, that the police cannot enforce 20mph limits. However, according to traffic campaigning organisation 20’s Plenty for Us, as long as police have enough distance to see oncoming traffic and measure speed, and there is
appropriate signage, then enforcement can take place on any street where a traffic regulation order is in place.

Another requirement, according to campaigners, and perhaps far more crucial to clarify in the case of Humberside Police, is that the local police force must be willing to enforce.

In Wales, the government has agreed to make 20mph the default speed limit across the country from September 2023 at a cost of about £33 million. The Senedd voted in favour, saying the new limit would save lives and reduce the risk and severity of injuries as a result of collisions.

Those calling for a 20mph limit say it will encourage more people to cycle and walk, and that it will improve the environment and help create safer communities, but opponents say 20mph speed limits will increase journey times, which will lead to more congestion and therefore more pollution, and that they will cause frustration among drivers and lead to a rise in careless driving.

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