23 July 2024

Garden party held to thank town’s volunteers

by Michelle Horst

In recognition of the hard work that many of Hornsea’s volunteers undertake, HEY Smile Foundation held a garden party in the St Nicholas Church Pollinate Eco Garden.

Having recently received funding from the UK’s Shared Prosperity Fund, the Pollinate Eco Garden is a haven of tranquillity at the rear of the church in Newbegin.

Reverend Tina Stevens opened the celebration, saying: “Thank you for all you have given to the community – there is no place like it.”

The garden offered a freshly planted labyrinth, made possible by a grant from the Withernwick Community Wind Farm Fund, and plenty of space to enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

Music was provided by the Hornsea Ceilidh Band throughout the party.

Guests were treated to afternoon tea, with homemade sandwiches, fresh strawberries, and cakes supplied by the volunteers of Hornsea’s Warm Places.

The gathering of more than 15 charities, societies and support groups took the chance to share ideas.

Councillor Elaine Young, deputy mayor of Hornsea, used the opportunity to discover what the town council could do to assist the attending groups.

She said: “We are very lucky to have such an active community in Hornsea.”

The deputy mayor praised initiatives such as the Hornsea Collective, and also admired the work of Helen Ball, who co-ordinated the party with the help of the HEY Smile Foundation.

The foundation has been supporting community-based organisations with resources and connections. Michelle Barnes, from HEY Smile Foundation, said: “It’s events like this that really show what brings Hornsea together.

“We are lucky to have so many passionate people wanting to make a difference in the area.”

Anyone wishing to use the Pollinate Eco Garden for an event or wanting to volunteer can contact Helen Ball on 07815 178330.