23 July 2024

Award coup for pub loos

Withernsea’s Captain Williams has won the 2023 Pub Toilet of the Year Award.

Town mayor Jacqui Blackburn and deputy mayor Lyn Healing presented the award to Alison and Jo, the cleaners at the Promenade pub, on behalf of Withernsea17.

Withernsea17 was established in 2016 by residents and town councillors to bring Hull’s year as City of Culture to Withernsea.

Several events were organised by the group including a Last Night of the Proms at the Withernsea Lighthouse, a workshop and concert by the African musical group Chechelele and an evening with the Manchester Camerata.

The Pub Toilet of the Year Award has continued beyond 2017, and is judged and presented annually by the former members of Withernsea17, which has since disbanded.

Patrick Wilkinson, chairman of Withernsea17, said: “The idea for the Pub Toilet of the Year Award came from the late Keith Hardcastle who was a town councillor in Withernsea for almost 40 years and served as mayor on five occasions.

“He presented it as a joke at the millennium but we decided to revive it for the City of Culture celebrations so we could find where the culture was growing in Withernsea!

“I’m pleased to say that all the pubs have been involved from the start and they always take it in good spirits.

“It was a very close-run thing this year but Captain Williams did pip it for the first time. Withernsea17 would like to congratulate them and wish all the pubs and businesses in the town a successful 2023 season.”