19 April 2024

Your Mid Holderness ward candidates

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I have lived and worked in Holderness for most of my life, where I have raised my family and run my business.
Having represented Mid Holderness on East Riding Council for six years, I was elected as the first Police
and Crime Commissioner for Humberside.
I presently am chairman of governors at Aldbrough School and a Withernwick Parish Councillor. Like many of you I am appalled at the failures and lies of the Conservative Party and the outrageous decisions made nationally and locally that are devastating our lives and community. That is why I am asking for your vote on May 4.


I’m Amanda Talbot, executive assistant/ paralegal, and a mother of two.
Born and raised in the East Riding, I love this area, particularly beautiful Holderness, where I call home. I’m keen to be more involved in community life and support those that need it. I am committed to protecting our countryside while maximising opportunities to grow our local economy.
Many of our villages have thriving businesses that need help and support while we navigate through the cost-of-living crisis.


Rachael was a service support manager in the
NHS – delivering workshops and projects, as well as dealing with facilities operations.
It gave her valuable experience
of administration, management and communication. Since multiple sclerosis forced her to leave, she became a leading disability rights and patient advocate, with a popular website and significant social media presence. She’s also a writer and volunteer.
She has made several media appearances and been involved with several campaigns. Nationally the pay and conditions of workers has huge prominence. People across Mid- Holderness are affected. Rachael will campaign hard for improvement.
Vote for Rachael in May.


I have been a ward councillor in Mid Holderness for 10 years and have valued the support that residents have given me, which has allowed me to do my best to help them in many different ways. I have been honoured to be on the cabinet at East Riding, and this experience has ensured that I know the right people to get matters sorted out. I have lived and worked in the farming community throughout my life which is essential in understanding the business and personal challenges that arise on a daily basis. There is still work to be done and I hope that residents in Mid Holderness will vote for me again.


Peter was a mental health nurse for nearly 40 years and worked in all areas of adult mental health, including mentally ill offenders. He is particularly interested in the NHS and is acutely aware of the decline in quality of the provision across Holderness. About 20 per cent of people in Mid Holderness are rated as “bad health” or “very bad health”. Healthcare is a major issue.
NHS healthcare has declined in Holderness over the years and East Riding Council has done little to stop this. Peter will ensure that more is done.
Vote for Peter in May.


In the past I voted Conservative but in 2019 I decided I had seen enough. I went to the Lib Dems, absorbed what they had to say and felt they were for me.
I am an engineer who likes to repair and build things to
make them work correctly.
If elected, I will do that for ALL the people in Mid Holderness. Things have to improve – vote for me and I promise I will try to make that happen for you ALL.
I know it won’t be easy, but I am prepared for the challenges ahead, starting from May 4.


I have lived happily in Mid Holderness for more than 40 years. During that time, apart from raising our three children, I worked as a social worker specialising in child protection before becoming an East Riding county councillor for eight years. After that I worked in our family business.
I started and produced our Sproatley Life village magazine for nearly 20 years until it became a casualty of Covid.
I am currently a school governor at our village school and also Wilberforce Sixth Form College and I am a trustee of two educational trusts.


Living in Bilton with her family, Samantha fully understands the issues and concerns of local residents – in particular speeding through villages, dog fouling, bin collections and rural crime. In addition to helping solve these issues Samantha is committed to improving the quality of life of all Mid Holderness residents especially children and the elderly.
She is also passionate about maintaining and improving our beautiful countryside. If elected Samantha will listen to the concerns of all the Mid Holderness residents and work tirelessly to help improve everyone’s community life.