23 July 2024

Your letters: What’s happened to our town’s fountain?

When I visited Withernsea’s Central Promenade during the schools’ half-term holiday, nothing prepared me for the disturbing and disgraceful state of one of the resort’s most expensive assets: the fountain.

Admittedly, this amenity had a difficult genesis a few years ago. Who would raise the money up front? Where to place the control room? Who would turn on the tap(s) each day? And what rules should surround its use?

Nonetheless, the fountain’s official opening to the accompaniment of the EYMS (as it then was) brass band, one sunny Sunday afternoon at the end of May 2018, was a cause of great rejoicing.

Four and a half years later, the picture is different. The site has been abandoned. Weeds and grass grow between every crevice in the block paving. No new visitor to the resort would even know a vibrant fountain was positioned next to the town’s beacon.

Have we really reached the stage when an investment of thousands and thousands of pounds goes the way of Withernsea’s hospital, its parish church, St Nicholas, TRAX restaurant… one of our two leading bookies… and so much else?

Godfrey Holmes, Withernsea.