30 May 2024

‘We want the council to listen to us’

by Ian Judson

A public meeting about the series of ongoing housing developments in Hornsea was attended by several residents of the town last week.

Phil Hunter and Brian Coggrave have conducted thorough research into the impact of the proposed Keepmoat development in Rolston Road and various others that have already been built or received planning permission.

East Riding councillor Barbara Jefferson has previously expressed her support for the campaigners and, along with councillor John Whittle, voiced her disapproval of the Keepmoat development, because of the overwhelming numbers of homes already built.

One resident, Elizabeth Rhodes, said: “We feel like we are not being listened to by the vast majority of East Riding Council. Many residents have also strongly expressed the same opinion.

“With the exception of our ward councillors, we expect them to just vote this through with total disregard to what the majority of Hornsea residents think.”

Mr Hunter told the meeting at Hornsea Golf Club: “This is about more than just the development on Rolston Road, it is about stopping any other proposed developments.

“I believe that anything east of Southgate and Westgate is a definite no-go – it is completely unrealistic and absolutely not warranted.

“Hornsea just does not have the infrastructure for all the developments it has already had, let alone any more.”

Mr Coggrave also criticised plans for a cycle lane as part of the development.

He said: “The plans mention putting in a cycle lane, but where on earth is that going to go? It’s like they think they can say these things and that’s the end of it.”

Mr Coggrave also pointed out that, because of the traffic problems in the town centre, Hornsea could have a bypass, so that trucks and buses do not need to mount pavements to squeeze through.

He added: “It’s just an idea – I haven’t really developed it yet. Obviously experts would be needed to verify whether it is viable or not.

“But I will say that they put a bypass at Beverley, from the end of Swinemoor Lane to the Jock’s Lodge junction, and there are housing developments on it – so why can’t that be an option here?”

The campaigning group is hopeful of being able to have ward councillors present at future meetings, which will be publicised in the Gazette in due course.