16 April 2024

‘We don’t know who to turn to over street flooding’

by Ian Judson

Residents in a Sigglesthorne street have complained that they do not know who they should turn to regarding a flooding problem since work was done there in February.

Paul Williams, of Lillands, which is opposite the problem area in The Crescent, said: “Yorkshire Water did the work in February and ever since it has flooded on a few occasions.

“I’m not sure what it was meant to achieve, but I’m willing to guess that flooding wasn’t the outcome they were looking for.”

Resident Tracy Teal said: “I’ve lived here for 19 years and yes, we had some flooding before, but nothing as serious as since the work was done here. I know the flooding has caused problems all along here, right from one end to the other and at least one house actually got water inside it just after having new carpets fitted.”

Another resident, Anthony Colley, who has a young family, has also had flooding problems that have forced him into taking action to protect his property.

He said: “I am installing a soakaway and drain. The water came so high that it was right at our doorstep and it actually flooded next door – it genuinely encroached into their house.

“After that, I thought, I’ve got to do something. The water has already damaged the brickwork – we can’t have it damaging the inside of the house, especially with young children.”

All three said they had contacted East Riding Council as well as Yorkshire Water but claimed that neither was willing to take responsibility for what happened next.

Ward councillor Barbara Jefferson is said to be seeking a sight meeting with representatives from East Riding Council and Yorkshire Water at the earliest opportunity, and parish clerk Nicki Salvidge said she had been promised a pallet of sandbags to help with the problem in the short term.

A spokesman for East Riding Council’s Highway Asset Management said: “The area in question falls beyond the extent of our highway network and managed as part of our housing portfolio, so I am not directly involved in the site.

“I am aware that Yorkshire Water has been investigating the site and, having completed an initial CCTV survey of the system, is planning further excavation/civil work which will hopefully identify the cause and how to rectify the issue.”