16 April 2024

Warning over ‘harmful’ beach algae lifted

Hornsea’s beach has been declared safe after a recent scare over potentially harmful algae.

Last week, the Environment Agency said the blue-green algae, which can cause sickness in humans and animals, may have been spotted in Stream Dike, which connects to Hornsea Mere and flows directly on to Hornsea beach.

Beachgoers were advised to avoid swimming in the sea ahead of water tests being carried out – but the warm temperatures meant that few heeded the warnings.

However, this week East Riding Council confirmed that, after samples had been taken from six points along the stream, there was no visual evidence of blue-green algae, and there were only pockets of harmless duckweed.

Because of the recent hot weather, Hornsea Mere is currently at a low level and is not discharging to Stream Dike. In turn, Stream Dyke is also very low and is currently not discharging to the beach.

An East Riding Council spokesman said: “The council sees this situation in place for the foreseeable future as the water level in the Mere is very low, so Stream Dike isn’t running, therefore it is not impacting the bathing water.

“What has been visible is duckweed – no blue-green algae – so even when the Dike starts running again, it does not mean there will be algae present.”