22 May 2024

‘Walk with Me’ project to celebrate Withernsea stories

A theatre group is inviting people to get involved with a project that aims to celebrate the stories of the people of Withernsea and turn them into a walking tour that journeys around the town.

Jon and Jack, from Beverley-based Dramatic Theatre, will be out and about this week, from April 4-8, and will be easily spotted in their “What’s Your Story?” hoodies.

As well as visiting and talking with different community groups, they are looking to meet or speak with individuals who might be interested to know more, or have stories to share.

Jon said: “From the historical to the hysterical, we would love you to share the stories that connect you to your town. Do you have a favourite landmark? A view, or place that holds a special memory? A story about the shops, sea or maybe even the carnival?”

They would like to talk with people about their initial ideas for the project and discover who might like to be involved as things develop. They have created a short online survey for people to register their interest in the project and tell them a little about their connections with Withernsea. The survey can be found at forms.gle/msMtTz3EjJE1xFg76.

Jon and Jack will be visiting the library, Shores Diner, the leisure centre, the Community Pantry and Aldi with their survey.

You can also email [email protected] for more information.