16 April 2024

Villagers unite to take part in major spring clean

Halsham villagers have come together to participate in the Great British Spring Clean event sponsored by Neighbourhood Watch.

On the day, 26 “Womble” volunteers set off on a mission to clear the roads, hedges, footpaths, and dikes surrounding the village.

One of the volunteers, Caroline Busse, said: “There were quite a few scary moments when they found themselves hanging on to fences to grapple with items in dikes or scrambling under hedgerows to retrieve plastic bottles.

“The worst area by far was the lay-by on the main road. This area was declared an adults-only zone, which was just as well, as plenty of ‘unmentionables’ were among the enormous amount of rubbish collected at this site.

“A total of 36 rubbish bags were filled on the day. In addition, numerous items too big to fit in the bags, such as tyres and building materials, were removed. The prize for the strangest item collected on the day had to go to the jar of pickled eggs.

“It was fitting that this event took place just as our new planters had been filled and positioned under the village signposts, as both confirm how much we care for our village.

“East Riding Council also provided us with welcome support by supplying equipment, such as the eye- catching pink rubbish bags, as well as providing free collection for everything we found.”