23 July 2024

Tree planting season draws to a close

The Roos Woodland Group has been out in force making the most of the fine early spring weather.

As the season draws to a close, the group has planted more mixed hedging of hawthorn, dog rose, field maple and hazel at Hilston.

The plants were made available with funding from the Roos Windfarm Community Benefit Fund. They also cut back a large hedge that was planted 10 years ago in the centre of Roos.

The last Platinum Jubilee tree, a tulip tree, was planted at Owstwick and more than 40 Queen Elizabeth roses have been planted in Tunstall, Roos, Hilston and Owstwick.

Madge Moore, chairman of the Roos Woodland Group, said: “The local environment around Roos is certainly seeing the benefits of the group’s hard work.

“While planting has finished there will still be much to do with late pruning of the apples in the community orchard and tidying up around new plantings.

“We are so pleased to see more people coming forward to help and our thanks must go to the many volunteers who help with all of our projects.”