22 May 2024

Support is out there, say volunteers at new Hornsea advice centre

VOLUNTEERS at Hornsea Community Money Advice centre have said they are here to help anyone who is struggling with their finances.

The free, face-to-face debt advice service, which launched in March, is run by three volunteers who have been trained by the national charity Community Money Advice to help local residents who for whatever reason have found themselves in debt.

A spokesman said: “We know it can be extremely difficult to ask for help, but we are non- judgmental and know that debt can affect anyone. Statistics show that personal debt is going to be at an all-time high over the next year, which can lead to long-term physical and mental health issues.

“There is absolutely no need for people to be scared to open their front door for fear of bayliffs or ignore final reminders – we at Hornsea CMA are trained to help.”

They begin the process with an informal meeting to discuss a client’s situations and put into place any urgent action required. They then ask to see all relevant paperwork relating to income and debts and begin to put together a financial statement.

The spokesman added: “Because we have no time constraints, we can build up relationships with clients who can come to us for as long as necessary giving us the oportunity to look at the whole situation. What may have caused the debt? What can we do to help? How can future debt can be can avoided? Our aim is always to listen carefully to clients’ stories and discuss all the available options with them so they can make informed choices about their way forward.”

Hornsea CMA is controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority. This proves to creditors that clients are actively seeking help from a recognised financial body, which helps in negotiations for a realistic debt management plan.

The spokesman said: “We at Hornsea CMA strongly believe that the more we have an open conversation about debt, the easier it will be for people who really need our help to come forward and ask for it. If the help is out there, why not use it?”

For more information, phone 07871 563600 or email [email protected].