30 May 2024

Singers remain strong thanks to Lions donation

Community singing group Let’s Sing! Hornsea has welcomed a donation from the Hornsea Lions that has enabled them to buy a new speaker for outdoor performances.

The money was donated earlier in the year; but organisers said they had taken their time to make sure they chose the right size and model for their needs.

In the summer they trialled a speaker from Hull’s Smile Foundation, which loans electronic equipment to charitable groups, and as a result were able to confidently purchase a “buskers” speaker, designed to broadcast outdoors and run on batteries. With up to eight hours’ playing time when fully charged, the speaker will give them the flexibility to perform in more places.

The speaker allows the group to play backing tracks to sing along to when they gather on Wednesdays at St Nicholas Parish Hall, as well as to take their music with them when they perform in the community.

Group leader Fiona Jerome said: “Since our lovely and very versatile pianist Gillian had to step down we’ve had to sing a cappella, so it’s just so nice to have music in the background again to sing along to. And it’s especially helpful when learning new songs. We try to pick numbers that many of our attendees will be familiar with but there are always some people who don’t know them, and for them, having the music to listen to is especially important.”

Let’s Sing! is not a choir and welcomes anyone who enjoys singing, irrespective of whether they think they can or not, to their friendly meetings, which are supported by a grant from Do It for East Yorkshire.

Gatherings are once a fortnight, with the Christmas party starting at 12.30pm on December 14, and a post- Christmas singsong on December 28 at 1.30pm. Everything is free, and everyone is welcome.