30 May 2024

Resorts’ puffins star in souvenir 2023 calendar

The award-winning Puffins Galore! project has published a colourful calendar to raise even more funds for its chosen charities.

Earlier this year, Puffins Galore! Launched a competition inviting the public to submit their puffin sculpture photos, to be chosen for inclusion in the 2023 calendar.

Thousands of visitors up and down the East Yorkshire coast have taken photos of these popular sculptures this summer. Selecting just 18 for the calendar was a tough decision for the judges, but four of the calendar images feature puffins around Hornsea and three of the feature them in and around Withernsea.

Proceeds from the sale of the calendars will be donated to the project’s four charities – Hornsea Inshore Rescue, RNLI, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, and the RSPB.

Puffins’ Galore director Clare Huby said: “The project has been a roaring success; entertaining, educating and attracting thousands of visitors to the coast and inland East Yorkshire. We do hope that the calendar will be a lovely souvenir of the project – and a great Christmas present.

“We were delighted to win the Remarkable Experience of the Year award at the Remarkable East Yorkshire Tourism Awards 2022 (REYTAs) last week. Judges agreed that Puffins Galore! is a fun and affordable experience for all ages, which can be completed at leisure and in stages, helping to achieve a healthy lifestyle along the way.

“Members of the public are enjoying an experience that uses works of art to tell stories of the East Yorkshire coast while highlighting the local wildlife and global warming issues.”

The Hornsea puffins included in the calendar are Puffin Power, by Lynne Hollingsworth, on the October page; Percy Puffin Litter Picker, by Amanda Quellin, for November; and Lightbulb Moment by Hannah Watson, for December. Nuffin for the Puffin by Olivier Jamin, has been selected for the cover image.

The Withernsea/south Holderness puffins are Can He Knit – Yes He Gansey, by Abbie Rees (January), Amy’s Light, by Emma Garness, which is at Kilnsea (April), and Don’t Be a Dodo, by Josh Ibbotson (May).

In Hornsea, the calendar is available to buy from Hornsea Inshore Rescue’s shop and café, and Leafy Sea Dragon in Newbegin. In Withernsea, it is on sale at the Shores centre. It is also available online from puffinsgalore.co.uk.