30 May 2024

Residents to be consulted on proposal to merge parish wards

by Ray Duffill

Hedon Town Council is to consult residents of Preston South on a proposal to combine the parish ward with Hedon.

The proposal is included as part of East Riding Council’s Community Governance Review.

Preston South, a settlement within Preston parish that covers the streets from The Woodlands in the West, Astley Close in the North, Farrand Road in the East, and Colemans Road in the South, is closer to Hedon than the village of Preston.

The boundary of Westlands Drain currently separates the different parishes. Many people living in Preston South do generally consider themselves as “living in Hedon”, but for elections and council tax precept purposes are in Preston parish. Preston South currently has three seats for councillors on Preston Parish Council.

The proposal in the Community Governance Review is that the area would be better served by being part of Hedon. The number of Hedon town councillors would increase from 12 to 14 to reflect the larger Hedon area.

The number of councillors in the Preston Parish Council would reduce by four from 13 to nine.

The final recommendations will be agreed by East Riding Council in November this year, but the changes would not come into effect until the next elections.

Hedon Town Council has agreed to write to Preston South residents setting out why this would be a positive change.