22 May 2024

Residents invited to housing meeting

by Ian Judson

East Riding ward Councillor Barbara Jefferson has offered to meet a group of her constituents regarding their objections against a proposed housing development in Hornsea.

Brian and Christine Coggrave, Phil Hunter and his partner Elizabeth Rhodes are among those against the development in Rolston Road north of Thirlmere. As part of their objections, they have arranged a meeting at the golf club on Thursday, April 13. Mrs Jefferson and representatives of developer Keepmoat have also been invited to discuss concerns.

Mrs Jefferson said: “I am more than willing to meet the group who are objecting against this proposal, because I share their fears apart from anything else.”

Following her invite she has detailed several concerns with the application for planning permission. Her initial concern was over the public consultation in which Keepmoat stated that it delivered 94 leaflets across 4,500 properties.

Mrs Jefferson said: “It simply isn’t anywhere near enough. The whole of Hornsea will be impacted by this development if it goes ahead – they need to consult with everybody, not just a few.”

However, a spokeswoman for Keepmoat said: “The initial public consultation saw letters delivered to residents immediately adjacent to the development. The application is open to public consultation and has been since October 2022 via the local authority’s website. We continue to review these comments and revise our proposals accordingly.”

The proposals have also raised concerns from residents who are worried about the potential number of properties in the area.

Mrs Jefferson added: “They are proposing 182 properties when there is currently only enough space for 121, which may rise to 149, but even then, it’s still 33 more properties – it’s not just one or two more, it’s significantly more.”

Mr Hunter said: “Hornsea simply doesn’t have the infrastructure for this development, it’s as simple as that.”

The Keepmoat spokeswoman added: “The unit numbers of 121 and 149 are indicative numbers provided by the council on an average mix of types.

“Local authorities assume on a minimum number of dwellings per housing allocation, based on an average mix. However, demand in the local area highlights a greater need for two and three-bedroom homes.

“Keepmoat specialises in two and three-bed starter homes for first-time buyers and families looking to get on the property ladder. As we have plotted a larger number of two and three- bed terrace and semi-detached properties, we are able to plot a larger number of units. Our proposals should provide more opportunities for existing residents to get on the property ladder within Hornsea.”

Residents have also raised concerns over drainage and flooding within the area.

Mr Coggrave said: “When it rains here it floods – enough rain and I have water running down my driveway, flooding my private property and this development would just make the problem worse.”

The Keepmoat spokeswoman responded: “We wouldn’t be able to comment on the residents’ own drainage issues.

“However, we can confirm that the proposals include the construction of a positive drainage system which will physically control any surface water leaving the site and any previous overland flows will be captured within the system.

“The existing sewerage network has been assessed by the adopting water authority and it was confirmed that it has the capacity to take the proposed development without detriment to the surrounding area.”

In the meantime, Keepmoat says public comments will be collated and used to improve its plans, which will be revised in due course.