16 April 2024

Public meeting to follow broadband poles protest

by Ray Duffill

Hundreds of people have attended a protest in Hedon against the proposed installation of broadband internet poles across the town – and there will be a public meeting on the issue tomorrow.

The level of opposition against the plans by Hessle-based MS3 Networks is likely to be the tip of the iceberg as the protest took place yesterday morning, Thursday, September 7, while many people were at work or unable to turn up.

People at the protest said that while they supported the rollout of a new broadband infrastructure, the inconvenience of a pole-based alternative to existing provision was not the answer.

Jane Johnson, a resident of Preston South, set up the initial petition against the MS3 poles on Change.org.

She said: “I was so pleased that so many residents turned out to protest and that this shows just how strong the feeling is about not having these awful poles put all over our lovely streets.

“Unfortunately, in the meeting, MS3 Networks continued not to listen to what residents wanted and refused to change their approach. They are still intent on erecting at least 500 poles throughout Hedon and Preston. They said that Hedon Town Council had been given ‘misinformation’ last year when they said that poles would not be erected.”

Mrs Johnson is continuing to urge people to sign the petition, and is also recommending that people sign and share a Parliament.uk petition which calls for legislation changes to prevent the proliferation of unnecessary telecoms infrastructure on the streets.

She added: “This is affecting thousands of his constituents and I invite our local MP, Graham Stuart, to lend his support – as Emma Hardy MP is doing for her constituents in Hessle.”

There will be a public meeting for residents tomorrow – Saturday, September 9, at 10am at Hedon Methodist Church where Councillor Steve Gallant will feed back from yesterday’s meeting held with MS3 Networks. The other two East Riding ward councillors, John Dennis and Sue Steel, will also be attending.