30 May 2024

MP welcomes new measures to address Preston traffic issues

Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart has met senior council officers and campaigners to discuss ongoing traffic issues in Preston and the results of the village’s traffic strategic review.

Earlier this year, AECOM, an infrastructure consulting firm, was commissioned to undertake a detailed traffic survey, investigating options to improve road conditions and the flow of traffic through the centre of the village.

AECOM and East Riding Council presented several minor actions that could help mitigate the problems experienced by residents and motorists.

While the traffic group and residents were hoping for a bypass or link road to reduce the flow of heavy traffic through the village, especially HGVs, the project failed to qualify for the release of crucial government funding.

Instead, it was agreed that East Riding Council would consider adjustments to improve ease of crossing for pedestrians. This includes changes that could be made to the sequencing of existing traffic signals, stop line arrangement, changes to on‐street car parking, creating dropped crossing points and possible new kerb build-outs and central refuges.

In addition to these proposals, extra car parking facilities outside the local takeaway, and enforcement, was discussed.

At County Hall in Beverley, Mr Stuart met Ian Ireland, chairman of Preston Parish Council, Pat Ferguson, chairman of the Preston Traffic and Road Safety Action Group, and South West Holderness ward councillors Sue Steel, John Dennis and David Winter.

Mr Stuart said: “While these small-scale approaches to tackling congestion are a welcome addition for Preston’s residents, by helping to provide a safer road, I would like to see the council agree a more substantial and long-lasting resolution going forward.

 “I believe, in time, with the expansion of local industry and housing, there is great potential for local developers and new businesses in the area to help fund a necessary link road via a financial contribution in the longer term.”

 Councillor Steel said: “Three years after the formation of the Preston Traffic Group, we are at last making significant progress on getting the concerns of the residents in Preston taken seriously.

 “While at this stage it was decided that the development of a bypass was not financially feasible, I am delighted that the council is considering several short-term solutions which will bring some relief to local residents.

 “Once the planned industrial and housing developments, and the new crematorium in the neighbourhood have been completed, my ward colleagues and I will no doubt revisit the need for a bypass and continue to push for its development in the very near future.”