16 April 2024

Maths student joins the 0.1% club

By Tim Nuttall

A Year 11 student at Withernsea High School has been praised for his commitment to learning in maths after fully completing a national study programme with a 100 per cent pass rate – becoming one of just 0.1 per cent of participants around the country to do so.

Ryan Lewis has correctly answered an impressive 19,183 questions during an accumulated 179 hours of study, both in and out of school, using Hegarty Maths – an online platform used by schools across the UK to help students improve their knowledge of maths and ultimately prepare them for greater exam success.

Thanks to his efforts, Ryan has worked his way through 925 mathematical skills to demonstrate his knowledge and understanding to an advanced level.

The Hegarty Maths platform is currently used by more than 1.5 million students, with Ryan’s achievement placing him as one of just 1,500 to fully complete the course – and the first student from Withernsea High School to do so.

Amir Hedjazi, head of maths, said: “Ryan is our first student to fully complete Hegarty Maths, answering over 19,000 questions in the process. To be counted among the top 0.1 percent of participants across the country is a great accolade not only for Ryan, but for the school as well.

“Ryan continues to work hard, and this fantastic achievement really speaks volumes about the time and effort he has put in throughout the whole year. This will hopefully stand him in good stead with this summer’s exams and the results which will follow.”

Colin Hegarty, co-founder of Hegarty Maths, said: “There are over 1.5 million students who use Hegarty Maths and Ryan joins only a handful of others to complete the whole website. We are extremely impressed with Ryan’s commitment and dedication.

“He has shown incredible independence and resilience to complete all 925 skills and we hope he is as excited as us about this amazing achievement.”

Hegarty Maths enables students to access tasks both at home and in school. Weekly homework is set using the platform, which offers video support for every question attempted. This ensures that homework can be completed independently, with students able to access help and support out of school hours. Students are encouraged to make notes of their workings out, and the content shared in the videos, to help instil knowledge which they can transfer for use in the classroom.

Since being adopted by the school, the programme has made a noticeable difference to the achievement of students while helping them to become better independent learners as well.