30 May 2024

Loved ones remembered

by Ian Blackburn

The Christmas period has arrived in Withernsea with the annual Remembrance Tree Service.

On a night as cold and wet as it was, a good attendance of residents outside the Municipal building were welcomed by the Mayor, Cllr Jacqui Blackburn, who said this was the 20th year that Withernsea had held such an event, an idea of a previous town councillor, Georgie Owens, and how it has been well attended every year.

The tree that residents gathered around last Friday to place memory messages was bought by another former councillor, Gordon Hodgson. When planted in 2005, it was only ankle high, and now it stands proud to embrace the Christmas messages to loved ones.

Cllr Blackburn said she was proud to be involved in this special event, which she has attended every year since moving to the town.

The service was conducted by Deacon Diane Berry, who, along with prayers, read a poem,
A Silent Tear, and this was followed by the Mayor reading the poem, I Thought of You with Love Today. Both poems were so relevant to the service, expressing how memories are so important. People were then invited to place their messages of remembrance on the tree.

After the service, Withernsea Town Council, which organised the event, provided refreshments and those who returned to the Meridian Centre were greeted by members of the Withernsea Churches Together singing carols.

It made a good conclusion to such a special event for Withernsea.