22 May 2024

Local Plan ‘fails to address town’s needs’

by Rebecca Hannant

Members of the Hornsea community have come together to oppose several potential and existing housing developments as determined by the East Riding Council Local Plan.

On June 15, the Hornsea Residents Action Group held their monthly meeting at Hornsea Golf Club. They discussed their concerns about the Local Plan and the number of sites that have been marked as suitable for development, alongside applications that have been submitted or approved.

The Local Plan was released in 2016 and identifies sites with potential for development.

The plan aims to look to the future and build new homes within areas that may face a shortfall. It also aims to create more affordable homes for future generations.

According to the Local Plan, sites have been identified at Atwick Road, Broadway, Hull Road, Potters Way, Tansley Lane and the Hornsea Burton Estate as having potential for development.

A total of 195 homes have been approved on the Hornsea Burton Estate, while an application for 170 homes on the land north of Thirlmere, Rolston Road, was received in August 2020.

The residents’ group was set up in October 2022 to oppose the planned development for the field off Rolston Road, opposite Strawberry Gardens, south of Tansley Lane and north of Thirlmere. The group now aims to bring forward residents’ views on the impact of the developments and the potential effect on local amenities.

Phil Hunter, one of the organisers, said: “As the effects of the development on Rolston Road were examined and publicised, the whole of Hornsea was awoken to the empirical effects of what we now know to be the root of the town’s housing development as the Local Plan based on the national Conservative remit to provide more housing.

“So, the Hornsea Residents Action Group (HRAG) now represents the town for the constructive purposes of achieving at best, a fair and workable version of the Local Plan for its residents in terms of land development for new homes.”

Among the concerns raised at the latest meeting was the possibility of a 25 to 30 per cent increase in population alongside the seasonal traffic in the town. The group argues that the existing road network is inadequate.

They also argue that the Local Plan fails to address a need for more primary and secondary school places, and GP and NHS dentistry services are already oversubscribed. Another concern is sewerage and clean water provision. The residents say no clear plans have been made to address an expanding population.

They have also raised concerns over the recent boom in users of static caravans within the area, affecting services within the town and temporarily increasing the population during peak seasons.

Phil added: “The Local Plan was not generated by the local council, but by the East Riding of Yorkshire County Council, with little or no consideration to the town. Hornsea Town Council appears not to have any leverage with decisions made by ERYCC as regards the Local Plan.

“The last adopted revision of the Local Plan was in 2016.

“This document is a legal document adopted by East Riding of Yorkshire County Council (ERYCC) and so the approval of housing development land for 690 (potentially as many as 840) new homes proposed for Hornsea are part of the Local Plan.”

So far, no planning applications have been allocated for the remaining sites. The East Riding Local Plan is expected to be reviewed every five years. The latest Local Plan was submitted in March 2023, and is undergoing an examination process.

The next Hornsea Residents Action Group meeting will take place on Thursday, July 13, at 7.30pm at Hornsea Golf Club.