16 April 2024

Lions boost swimming club’s diving boards fundraiser

By Ray Duffill

Holderness Lions have contributed £500 to the South Holderness Swimming Club appeal for new diving boards.

As reported in last week’s Gazette, the club is attempting to raise more than £8,000 to purchase five Olympic-standard diving blocks for use at the poolside.

Swimmers stand on the blocks and, on the starting beep, they dive into the water aiming to achieve the speediest swim.

The club’s current blocks are 20 years old and not the ones used in competitive swimming. A Crowdfunder appeal has been launched by the club to enable it to buy new ones.

Lion Chris Railton said: “Sport England will donate 30 per cent if the swimming club can raise the full amount if promised by 50 subscribers. However, as this offer expires in January 2023, we have been very pleased to contribute £500 to the fundraising efforts of the swimming club. We hope that the club gets its 50 subscribers.”

The club’s Crowdfunder page is at crowdfunder.co.uk/p/olympic-dive-block-fundraising-appeal-shsc.