30 May 2024

Life is short – eat the cake…

WOO HOO! The sun’s out!

And I’m sitting here indoors putting this paper to press. I hope you appreciate the terrible sacrifice I am making, as I should really be in a beer garden somewhere…

It’s about time we saw some sun, although, predictably, the warm weather will likely disappear come the weekend.

I had a nice day in Beverley on Saturday dancing at the folk festival, and, miraculously, the rain held off for the whole day. Indeed, it was so sunny in the morning that I rued the fact I’d forgotten a hat, so the moment the opportunity arose, I dived into the nearest charity shop to buy one. Then the sun promptly went in, and stayed in for the rest of the day. Sorry about that, everyone.

I also enjoyed a couple of long-overdue meetups with some Gazette contributors in the past week, namely Andy Medcalf – he of the excellent “drern” images, as we humorously call them, in the excellent Nutmegs Café in Hedon (whose back garden is a hidden gem) – and the pebble poet legend that is Dean Wilson.

I met up with Dean at Cakey Bakey Yum Yum in Patrington. If ever there’s a name that does what it says on the tin, it’s that… their Biscoff cheesecake will probably spend a lifetime on my hips, but, well, I’m a firm believer in the motto: “Life is short – eat the cake.”

And once again we have another in-depth feature by Brian Lavery for you to enjoy, this time about “Sea-glass Sal”, who has turned her beach walks into a new jewellery-making hobby – and she’s been supported in her efforts by none other than Dean, who of course is something of an expert in finding interesting things on the east coast. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Right, where’s that beer garden…