22 May 2024

January is surely the cruellest month

Finally, we’re heading out of January.

I’m not quite sure what the poet TS Eliot was on about when he said April was the cruellest month. January is grim, it’s cold, your money’s run out, there’s hardly anything going on… give me the green shoots and warmer sunshine – and, yes, even the showers – of April any day.

I’d say, “Don’t write in and tell me about the poet’s deep meaning behind it all,” but, seriously, do write in. We’d love people to write in, and I will keep saying it, even though I know I’m sounding like a stuck record now.

Actually, as you’ll already know if you’ve seen last week’s Gazette, we would like you to write much more than a letter to us. We’d love you to write a 1,000-word story! Go on, have a go. You never know, it could be a springboard for greater things, and you can tell people that it all started in the Gazette.

We’re trailing the competition for the next couple of weeks, but you haven’t got long to get your thinking cap on – the final deadline is on February 10. As Andrea Burn writes on page 8, the winner will get their story published in this paper and broadcast on Seaside FM, and they’ll also get a £20 book token.

As we head into February next week, it does finally feel like things are getting back to some sort of normal after the festive period; hopefully you’ll notice the paper is a bit bigger once more, and there are six pages of local sport. We’ve got plans to revamp the website in the not-too-distant future, too.

And I would like to thank Hull City for formally announcing the takeover the evening after last week’s paper went to press. Had it been the day before, I wouldn’t have like to have put the paper to bed after a full bottle of champagne…