22 May 2024

It’s good to be back

At last, I’m back in the office.

While sitting on the settee with a laptop and a cat is quite nice, it really does make things a bit easier actually being face to face with colleagues, and consequently the paper went off yesterday in good time without the printers ringing up and politely shouting at us to get a move on.

Returning to the MKM Stadium last Friday night was a shock to the system. Because I write a match report for the Hull Story website, and then go and wait in the media room to hear the wise words of our manager, I didn’t get back home until about 11.30pm, after which I had a few sherbets and a bit of a late night. This poleaxed me for the entire weekend!

I do feel like I’ve had a fair dose of Covid, having gone the full 10-day stretch with that little red line refusing to budge, and generally feeling rubbish for much of it – but I’m OK now, barring a slight feeling of fatigue, but this is nowt new. Someone else I know who’s recently had the virus was joking that he’d always felt a bit clapped-out – but now, post-Covid, at least he’s got a decent excuse.

Other things I’d missed during my house arrest included the sudden appearance of a 50mph limit on the Burstwick to Withernsea Road (not that you can get much over that most of the time).

Anyway, here at the Gazette we’re already starting to build up to this summer’s events – the first summer in two years that’s not been disrupted by Covid (famous last words). And the Jubilee weekend looks set to be action-packed – there can’t be a village or town that’s not doing something.

Plans for June 2-5 are being finalised across Holderness and we’ll do a round-up of them all nearer the time. And, as I said I would ages ago, I’ll be contacting the town and parish councils soon to let us know we’re here and that we’d like to know their plans for the weekend – and, of course, any other news they may have.

And don’t miss next week’s paper, which will feature our 2022 holiday guide, which will be packed with suggestions on what to do in our region this year.