30 May 2024

‘It was well worth braving the rain!’

by Rebecca Hannant

This year’s Hornsea Carnival fireworks display has been hailed a success despite the bad weather last weekend.

Throughout the afternoon and evening on Saturday, November 4, hundreds of people gathered in Hall Garth Park despite the wet conditions to enjoy the live entertainment and stalls before the main fireworks show.

New this year was the use of “low yield” fireworks – which were just as bright but far less noisy than traditional fireworks – which had sparked some debate within the town.

Carnival chairman Iain Poole said: “While not everyone thought we had made the correct decision, I feel the people who attended, and the money raised despite the weather, is testament to the event being a success.

“Our team managed to put on yet another successful event for the local community and the support was brilliant. We had some amazing crowds turn out to brave the weather and support our first low-yield fireworks display.”

They raised more than £1,475 on the evening towards carnival funds, with bucket collections totalling £780, online donations raising £92, and traders bringing in £603.

Iain added: “£120 came from one person who had been saving every month for a whole year and wanted to do their part. To this end we are looking at how we can incorporate this into Carnival and give people the option to donate regularly via standing order, so watch this space for more information.

“In previous years we have run at a loss, and we seem to be coming out of this slump – but we are not wholly self-sufficient, and this event would not have been able to run without the support of Hornsea Lions and Hornsea Freeport who both gave us sizable donations.”

Although the carnival organisers said they had made a profit this year, it was only a small one and the bad weather undoubtedly had an impact on fundraising. Iain added: “We do have a lot of thanks to give – all our traders deserve a medal for sticking out the weather.

“Thank you one and all, the team who make this event possible – we were all soaked to the bone, from early afternoon until we all got home, and then were back in the park in the morning to continue clearing up – and thanks to CLiPS for litter picking.

“Thanks to Lucien’s restaurant who allowed our music act to play there when the weather got way too bad and also allowed collections.

“Considering what goes into these events – in addition to the costs, it totals more than 80 hours of volunteers’ time – this is what people do not really see, from the prep and setup to tear-down.”

The carnival committee is now looking to its last fundraiser of 2023, which will be the Santa sleigh from December 4 to December 6, and from December 11 to December 13.

To donate to the carnival, visit the Hornsea Carnival website at hornseacarnival.org.uk/donations.

The committee will also host its annual general meeting on Monday, November 13, at Hornsea Town Hall from 7pm to 8pm.