23 July 2024

Hornsea Mermaids buy life-saving defibrillator

A defibrillator has been installed near the Hornsea Inshore Rescue lifeboat station thanks to dedicated fundraisers from a group of swimmers based in the town.

After Hornsea Mermaids raised a total of £1,528.75, they bought a defibrillator for public use at the southern end of the South Promenade, and it has been mounted outside the gate to the Hornsea Boat Launch Café.

There was enough money left over to go towards Hornsea Inshore Rescue’s funds for special equipment.

Mermaid Jean Todd explained that the group had started in 2021 and the idea for buying a defibrillator came from when around 40 Mermaids did a first-aid course at Hornsea Inshore Rescue.

Jean said: “Hornsea Inshore Rescue is just brilliant. They make everything feel safe and they are there as quick as a flash when needed.”

Meanwhile, on Thursday, June 27, Hornsea Inshore Rescue was visited by members of the Sach family from Arnold and Hornsea.

They had come to present the charity with a cheque for £500, the result of the collection made at the funeral of Ray Sach, of Arnold.

Rosie Sach said she had wanted to donate to the lifeboat in memory of her late husband, and someone she met at a Skirlaugh coffee morning pointed out to her that the Hornsea lifeboat was independent and received no funding from the RNLI or any other national organisation.

Mrs Sach said of Hornsea Inshore Rescue: “I think they are absolutely brilliant, selfless heroes.”

The cheque was gratefully received by Hornsea Inshore Rescue crew member and trainer, Jenny Hannon, who thanked Mrs Sach on behalf of Hornsea Inshore Rescue.

Jenny added: “It is local donations such as this that keep us able to carry on with our lifesaving work.”