23 July 2024

Hornsea Carnival team gears up for Santa run

by Rebecca Hannant

Hornsea Carnival’s popular Santa run is set to return this year. In recent years the Hornsea Carnival team has kept up a proud Christmas tradition of bringing Santa and his sleigh to the streets of the town.

This year’s Santa run will continue to see the organising committee supporting Santa who will be making regular stops in residential areas to visit local children while at the same time collecting donations from the public.

Throughout the runs Santa will be handing out sweet treats to all the children, taking selfies and “elfies”, spreading Christmas cheer and supporting Hornsea Carnival.

The donations collected will contribute to the 2023 event, ensuring that it will continue to run next year. This year the committee say they have also planned something new for the children of Hornsea.

Hornsea Carnival chairman Iain Poole said: “Santa and his elves have been in communication via ‘Elfmail’ and have been planning the routes around Hornsea. He has asked his friends at the Hornsea Carnival committee to let the good children of Hornsea know the route so they can keep an eye out for him and his elves.

“The carnival committee has five routes planned over the five days, which have been posted to Facebook, and we will repost each one on the day of the route – so be sure to look out for him and support Hornsea Carnival.”

The event will run from Monday, December 12, to Friday, December 16, between 6pm and 8.30pm each day. Day one will see Santa start along Cliff Road before heading through to Northgate, and the closes around Ashcourt Drive.

He will then make his way back through Ashcourt Drive heading to St Nicholas Drive before finishing at the end of Clifton Street. Day two will see Santa start near the Rose and Crown to the Mere Side and Queens Gardens before heading north via King Street and Southgate.

The route will then follow along Seaton Road before heading further north at Cheyne Walk where it will merge with Cheyne Garth. Day three will see Santa start along Eastgate before heading to Newbegin, Cliff Road and Westbourne Road.

He will continue down New Road leading to Burton Road, Eastbourne Road, and Wilton Road before turning at Tranmere Park. He will also make stops along Park Row and Railway Street before finishing at Station Close.

Day four will start at Tesco petrol station and will see Santa head south down Southgate. Throughout day four he will be making stops along Rolston Road, Whimbrel Avenue, Trinity Road and Burton Lane.

He will then continue on to Marlborough Avenue before finishing at Rawson Way. The final day will see Santa start near Rich Pace Golf Centre before heading north where he will make stops at Greenacre Park, Tansley Lane and Pickering Avenue.

He will then travel further north, making stops at Brooke Drive and Stanley Avenue, finishing near Woods of Hornsea.

Iain added: “We are well on our way to raising the funds for Hornsea Carnival, but we still have a way to go and every little helps, so let’s make Carnival 2023 amazing.

“As always, we do require support – we need people to help collect donations and also make sure Santa doesn’t miss any of the children. If you join the Friends of Hornsea Carnival you can get involved a little or a lot. Trust me, we need as much help as people are willing to give.”

The carnival team will also be supported by media partner Seaside FM, which will be working with them and going live as they walk around Hornsea. The run will also be live on the Carnival’s and Seaside FM’s official Facebook pages.

Iain said: “Remember, the carnival will only be as good as what the community makes it by their support. It’s your community, it’s your carnival.”

For exact timings and updates, visit facebook.com/groups/friendsofhornseacarnival.