22 May 2024

Glamping site ‘will not attract 200 people’

The couple behind plans for a glamping development in Welwick have strongly rejected claims that it could attract up to 200 people to the site at any one time.

In last week’s Gazette it was reported that the 200 figure had been stated in the plans, when in fact it was a claim made by objectors on the public planning portal. We apologise for any confusion or upset caused, and are happy to clarify this.

The applicants, Tony and Kay Booth, from Huddersfield, said they wanted to reassure local residents that the plans for up to six safari-style tents would only lead to a maximum of 24 people on the site at Grange Farm.

Mr Booth said: “There will be six glamping tents on the site, and these are to be phased in over two to three years, with just three initially. Each tent is for an average of four people, so it would be a maximum of 24 people at any one time eventually.

“There would be a maximum of two to four touring caravans at any one time. Apart from the plans for illustration purposes, I’m not quite sure where this number of 200-plus has come from.”

Mr Booth said allegations that he had already carried out work without planning permission were false, saying he had replaced a drain at his own cost after discovering raw sewage on the perimeter of the land. He said he had reported the issue to both Yorkshire Water and environmental health, to no avail. He also said concerns over the impact on wildlife were unfounded, saying surveys had already been completed including trees, bats, ponds, ecological and drainage.

He also rejected residents’ fears over noise and disturbance, saying: “It is my experience that people visit glamping in nature areas for the peace and quiet and relaxation with a hot tub.”

The plans also say that the construction materials will fit in with the rural surroundings and the structures will not interfere with any neighbouring properties. Trees are to be planted around the perimeter to assist with soaking up water and drainage.

Further information and resident responses can be viewed on the East Riding public access planning site under reference 21/04621/PLF and 21/04622/PLF.