22 May 2024

Further meeting to debate MS3 poles

by Ray Duffill

Another public meeting has been called by the Going Underground group campaigning against the deployment of up to 500 utility poles by MS3 Networks across Hedon and Preston South.

The meeting, at Hedon Town Hall at 6pm on Thursday, October 5, will have the dual purpose of updating supporters on the campaign, but also to plan the next actions to be taken, now that work to deploy poles is expected to start on Monday, October 9.

The original start date had been notified by MS3 as September 27, with the company already noticeably behind schedule as a result of dealing with the high number of complaints.

Cllr Steve Gallant, chairman of Going Underground, will report back on the series of meetings with MS3, KCOM, MPs and East Riding Council over the past two weeks, and the communications with regulator Ofcom.

He will report on the current status of the online petition to Parliament requesting a debate on rule changes that have allowed the proliferation of utility poles.

This has grown by 4,000 signatures in just two weeks with more than 1,000 signatures from the Beverley and Holderness constituency alone.

Cllr Gallant will also feed back on progress with the threatened boycott of MS3 and the internet service providers that opt to use its poles.

Nearly 800 households have already pledged to join the 10-year boycott. Where entire streets have signed up, thought is being given to make sure that it is effective and for at least the full 10 years of the initial period.