22 May 2024

Film role for brave rescue dogs

An animal rescue charity will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a film shot on the beach at Hornsea.

Film crews and drones have been recording rescue dogs from the Soi Dog Foundation, which was launched by retired Leeds couple John and Gill Dalley in 2003. Soi is derived from the Thai word for street, where the couple used to live.

Twenty years on the charity is also marking another milestone, after supporting the neutering and vaccination of a million animals. Mrs Dalley died in 2017 and Mr Dalley moved from Thailand to live on the cliffs at Hornsea last year with his five Soi Dogs and three Soi Cats. He was awarded an MBE in 2022 for his services to animal welfare.

Hornsea resident Donna Freelove is the director of Soi Dog Marketing and runs the charity’s merchandise operation from Southgate Court.

She said: “The one millionth animal, aptly named ‘Million’ is coming to live with me in Hornsea in the new year alongside Polo, my other Soi Dog.

“The response we have received since basing the operation in Hornsea has been tremendous from Hornsea locals. John regularly gets surrounded on the beach by people asking him about his dogs, particularly the famous ‘Cola’, who is seen daily running and playing like any other dog yet with two prosthetic front legs because of extreme cruelty.

“We appreciate it when people take the time to stop to talk and ask about our dogs, they’ve all had dreadful starts in their lives but have come through the other end and all love the Hornsea life and the empathy shown by the people here.

“We very much hope to get more involved with local community events, including talks regarding our organisation, the value that volunteering has bought to our lives and the difference we have made to now over a million dogs and cats thanks to the generosity of our worldwide supporters.”

To see the upcoming film follow Soi Dog Foundation and find out more via the website soidog.org, where you can order the book Just Gill, written by John and Donna about the life of Gill Dalley.

Donna added: “For an organisation which adopts dogs and cats out worldwide, amazingly, we now have no less than 13 Soi rescues living their dream in the wonderful little town of Hornsea and another due soon. Please do continue to walk up and ask us about our dogs, we always make the time to chat.”