19 April 2024

Family devastated by loss of ‘famous’ canine fundraiser

By Rebecca Hannant

A “famous” fundraising border collie from Keyingham who joined her young owner on an epic charity walk has died.

In April, Olivia Beadle, 12, and her dog Meg embarked on a challenged to walk 60 miles throughout the month for Cancer Research. They eventually surpassed their initial target, notching up more than 150 miles.

They had hoped to raise £100 for the charity but support from the community saw their total quickly rise above £1,000.

Olivia’s mother Lisa said: “They made the front page of the Gazette, and it helped them raise over 10 times their goal with raising a whopping £1,111.50. They clocked in over 150 miles in all weathers. Our beautiful baby puppy helped raise all that.”

However, Meg later suffered epileptic cluster seizures, having five fits in 10 hours over the weekend of May 20-21. The convulsions left her with brain damage, blindness in her left eye and mobility issues. She was put to sleep on Monday, May 22, at just 11 months old.

Lisa added: “She was beautiful, amazing, we worshipped her – we adored and loved her so much. We’re crushed, distraught, devastated… words can’t explain the hurt and pain. We’ve just sobbed for three days, haven’t eaten, or slept.

“How cruel after such an amazing achievement to help such a worthy cause? We want the world to know our fantastic famous Meg.

“Our eldest daughter Jess has also been incredible throughout all of this.

“It’s so important to us to mention the kindness, help, compassion, support and honesty of the staff at Haven Vets – Tracey Robinson, Georgie, Laura, Jordan Sinclair and Reegan.”