23 July 2024

Coastwatch station ‘flower-bombed’ for open gardens event

by Michelle Horst

The dazzling Hornsea National Coastwatch station is the focal point of the town’s open gardens event this weekend.

The flower-bombed station is the final stop in this weekend’s Hornsea Open Gardens, in recognition of the entirely self-funded work the volunteers do in the station. Their proactive work saves lives every month.

The labour of love has taken a whole season to create. The individual flowers were created over the winter months while Hornsea Dolphins were unable to swim during poor weather. Floral Hall provided storage for the delicate work as the flowers were combined.

Hornsea Open Gardens takes place on Sunday, June 16. Maps, priced £5, are available from Hornsea Memorial Gardens.

The funds raised from map sales will go directly to Hornsea NCI.