30 May 2024

Bikers roar into town for annual extravaganza

by Rebecca Hannant

The annual Hornsea Biker Event has been celebrated for bringing the community together.

On Sunday, August 13, the event in Hall Garth Park showcased a range of bikes from throughout the decades.

On the day it was blessed with warm weather as thousands flocked to the park to see the bikes as well as a range of entertainment from bands such as Silk Spinster, Severance, Dead in Blue, S.O.N.I.C and many more.

The event also hosted many fundraisers and independent traders including the RAC, SW Bikes and 5-ways.

The highlight of the Hornsea Foundation event was the convoy where bikes old and new took to the town’s roads to show off the engineering and craftsmanship of the bikes watched by hundreds of spectators.

A Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopter also landed in Hall Garth Park and its crew spoke to passers-by about their life-saving operations, raising awareness about the need for donations and fundraisers to help them continue to help those in need.

The Hornsea Community and Litter Picking Services (CLiPS) volunteers were also on hand to make sure that the park was kept clean.

The mayor of Hornsea, Cllr Laura Embleton, said: “It is just wonderful to see so many bikes. I was fortunate enough to ride in on the first trike. That was a great experience, and we were saying it’s nice to see such a breadth of ages here. Not just in the bikes, but in the people as well.

“We’re so spoilt in Hornsea that we have so many of these throughout the year and this is always so well attended. The bikes are just fantastic. They go from the vintage right through to modern day, and it’s just a great day. It’s also a good fundraising event for a lot of people.”