16 April 2024

‘A special relationship with the sea’

by Rebecca Hannant

A new photography exhibition showcasing Hornsea’s seascape will take place throughout February and March.

The collection of photographs by Hornsea-based photographer Steve Morantz is part of a larger project called Holderness Waveforms: Sea, Sand and Sky. Each image in the exhibition, which will take place at Burton Constable Hall, has been taken through the seasons over the past year.

Steve said: “As a holiday destination perched on the edge of the fastest eroding coastline in the country, Hornsea has a special relationship with the sea. Seascapes are defined by restless waves, skies by dynamic winds, clouds, mists and spray, the beaches by ever-shifting sand, pools, and rocks.

“The shore can change shape overnight, the promenade left littered with heavy stones; fog can emerge in the summer to swallow bathers and freak waves can drench you on a seemingly calm day.

“The prints in the exhibition capture this relentless exchange and are filled with light and motion. The dynamic relationship between the elements is portrayed across 73 photographic images to create a composite day with two high tides, encompassing four seasons, including wild and calm seas.

“Human beings are seen in these images as small figures in the face of large-scale natural forces, as the watery world churns on with or without us.”

All of the untitled images are A3-size borderless photographic prints, mounted on shallow depth frames and were produced in 2022.

For more information, contact Steve at [email protected] or call 07887 566462.