20 June 2024

Your new photography challenge for 2023

By Ray Duffill

Photography is a hobby that can sustain you with a lifetime of pleasure.

But, as with all hobbies, sometimes you grow tired and find it hard to remain inspired. Creative Photography 52 is a weekly challenge created by Hedon Viewfinders Photography Club that aims to be your companion throughout the year, offering inspiration so you can exercise those creative muscles.

Each week we will give you a simple subject to spur you into taking photographs. We will challenge you to make creative images in response to the subject – the more ideas you can come up with that are unusual and different, the better.

Each week we will choose a selection of photos for publication and there will be an online gallery of all entries curated by Hedon Viewfinders to act as a source of inspiration for everyone. And at the end of the year, a prize will be awarded to the photographer whose image is deemed the best of those made during the year.

Only photographs taken this year will be accepted, although you can look at the list of subjects and make plans and take shots in advance. However, you can only enter your photos in the relevant week of the competition.

Email your entries to [email protected] or [email protected] and please put Creative 52 plus the week number as the subject, e.g. Creative 52 Week 1. Include your name and title of the photo.

Additionally, you can post your entries to the Hedon Viewfinders Facebook Group at Hedon Viewfinders – Through the Lens (Members) and add to your posts (and other social media) using the hashtag #Creative52Week[number].

This week’s theme is Furry Friends.

The following four weeks’ themes will be Eggs (January 12), Plants (January 19), Contrasting Colours (January 26), and Spectacles (February 2).