22 May 2024

Your chance to be the link in the chain

The organisers of a community craft project that asks the question, “What keeps you going?” are inviting people in our region to get involved.

Our Strength Is In Our Connection aims to create a large paper chain, with every link representing the thing that drives its maker to keep going in life.

The aim of the project, say Hull-based creatives Miranda van Rossum and Hanna Lutkin, is that participants will find “common ground” when they share their motivations.

Miranda said: “The hope is that between the things that keep us going and the underlying reasons, much common ground will emerge.

“We personally believe that it’s precisely in these connections where our strength lies, hence the project title.

“In the light of looking for connections and common ground, we would also like to stress that this project is not just open to participants from Hull. Anyone, anywhere, is welcome to take part.”

The chains can be crocheted or knitted, as well as made from paper, and should be 30cm long and 5cm wide, with about 2.5cm blank at both ends, so the links can be joined together without damaging the design.

Miranda and Hannah would also like people to take a photo of their link and produce a short (written or spoken) piece explaining what it represents and why it keeps them going.

The photos and pieces will be put on a website accompanying the project, which will enable visitors to explore what drives other people and why.

The assembly and “grand unfurling” of the chain will take place in Hull’s Pearson Park on Saturday, September 9. Then the chain and some of the stories behind the individual links will go on display at Humber Street Gallery.

For more information and to take part, email [email protected]. You can also follow @osiioc on Twitter, @osiioc2023 on Instagram, and join the Facebook group Our Strength Is In Our Connection.