30 May 2024

‘Unleash your inner Ed Sheeran!’

Withernsea Ladies’ Choir is hosting a series of free events aimed at encouraging people to discover the joy of singing.

The SING events, which will begin at the Church Rooms in Patrington on Saturday, October 28, will offer opportunities to join conductor Patrick Pearson, accompanist Paul Pike and members of the choir in singing well-known Christmas songs, as well as some familiar favourites.

Caroline Busse, of the choir, said: “Withernsea Ladies’ Choir is holding a series of free events for you to unleash your inner Ed Sheeran, Barry White, Ariana Grande or Annie Lennox.

“Whether you’re a soprano singing in the shower, an alto who’s all for giving it a go, a tenor humming along to a catchy tune, or a bass belting out songs in the bath – this is your time to shine!”

The majority of the SING events will take place between 1pm and 3pm on a number of Saturdays at different local venues. After Patrington, the next session will be at the Willows Holiday Park on November 4, Hollym Village Hall on November 18 and finishing at the Methodist Church Community Room in Withernsea on December 2.

In addition, there will be an opportunity to join the full choir at the Meridian Centre in Withernsea on Thursday, November 23, between 7pm and 9pm as they rehearse for their Christmas concert. Anyone aged 16 or older can join in, and men are most welcome.

The Christmas concert will take place at Withernsea High School at 2pm on December 9.

For more information, follow Withernsea Ladies’ Choir on Facebook or email [email protected].